Britax Marathon ClickTight 2016 Review

Britax Marathon ClicktightBritax Marathon ClickTight convertible seat is easier to install thanks to the addition of MA CT twilightClickTight technology. The new well-padded seat designed to fit baby to toddler and comes in a Euro way.

Every Britax CT convertibles come standard with an impact-spellbinding support, the ClickTight Installation System, 7 lounge setting, tear-stitch energy-spellbinding join, HUGS strap pads, steel strengthened frame, EPP foam, and extra side-impact fortification functions.

Britax Marathon CT does not feature a no-rethread strap. It is 2 inches shorter than the Advocate CT and Boulevard CT models in term of the general height and the peak strap slot height. It costs $330. BabyKhal provides more deep review.

Britax Marathon ClickTight Seat Installation

There is no lock offs in the product. You can lock it by close down the ClickTight panel on top of the seat belt. Just push the pit at the top of the CT button and rotate it clockwise to unlock the panel. For rear-facing, you can set the reclining into 7 positions.

Your child will be safe on condition that it is faced either rear or forward. For rear-facing, you can position the Marathon as upright as you want ideal for older children who don’t sleep leading to more legroom for front seat passengers.

The reclining is fine if you face Britax Marathon ClickTight seat forward and keep within the indicator’s forward-facing setting. The most reclined position means there will be limited child’s legroom but the seat is perfect for the long journey. Keep the seat as upright as possible to avoid leg wounds in the collision as their legs get hit into the front seat.

Britax Marathon ClickTight Seat Belt Installation

It is easy installing the seat belt. But, since the cover has lots of padding, inserting the seat belt into the belt path and through the niche is tricky as it obstructs the belt.

Britax Marathon ClickTight installation tips suggest you twist the belt slightly if your hand not fitting in the belt path and avoid getting your hand scratches when fighting with difficult lock offs.

Keeping laying flat for the seat belts, just drag the slack out of the lap belt, and shut the ClickTight panel. Take away more loose from the seatbelt if there is more than 1 inch from the MA.

Britax Marathon ClickTight Advantages

An infant insert is provided by the Marathon CT so there is around 7.5 inches lowest strap position. The normal rubber HUGS pads are obligatory frontward-facing but optional rear-facing.

Installation is really easy though it may seem difficult inserting the harness ends back through to the metal splitter cover after taking out the HUGS as there is completely closed MA rear part.

You can feed the harness from the front through the strap slots in the front with a metal tube. There is a small opening of the seat to see a different tube on the back. Just thread the harness over both tubes and you will see the harness going out the back of the seat to grab. Now it is ready to be attached to the splitter plate. It is not that hard installing the Britax Marathon ClickTight.