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How To Increase Vertical Jump

Vertical Jump TrainingYou should get vertical jump program, so you can more qualified and confident while playing on the basketball court. Perhaps you assume that the jumping is easy thing, especially with the high body. But Michael Jordan has a long take of the exercises that he used to do Air Jordan without failure. Previously, you need to know that there is a difference between the possibility of a leap between women and men. For the men, the average is 16-20 inch vertical leap. Maybe you can go beyond or less than that. As for the women, they can reach about 12-16 inches. From some research, we can actually achieve a higher jump up to 50 inches. Well, if you want to able to reach such heights, at least about 10 inches that you must achieve while on the program. Maybe you are interested to read the article in-depth explanation about the jump manual review. Read my honest review of the jump manual. JUMP MANUAL – The Jump Manual Unbiased Review.


What is the most important of how to increase your vertical? Well, you should be able to have a flexible body and supported by the best bone structure. Do not worry; you can train it gradually through weight training. You have to do a Back Squad for 30 seconds. Remember that we use the time. It’s not about how strong you are lifting weights. It is all about how fast you can move the weight.

How to jump higher


You should really pay attention to the vertical jump training. That’s because there are many details that give priority to the flexibility of your body. Next is a plyometrics workout that you can do through jump squats for 6 to 10 times. How do we do that? First of all, you have to put the hands in between the legs, and jumping. Use the power of your arms. The faster is the better. The main focus is speed and altitude. To stretch your body, please do a standing quad stretch for 30 seconds.

So, how to jump higher when you have a short body? Do not ever think about the size of your body. The fact that most sports have always proved always show great people with small body. It is not just a question on the basketball court. Vertical leap is always useful for those professionals in badminton, gymnastics, and even swimming. Thus, this program will be very useful for anyone who has the willpower. In addition to the above exercises, you can also do the exercise with the jump rope. Yes. It is a very popular and practical way for us.

Based on the average vertical jump, you can reach about 50 inches. But it is also always influenced by habit in training. During the exercise, you can hone the ability to optimal limits. But do not ever ignore the warm-up session. You will only feel tired if you do not do the warming up. To do that, you can run for several minutes. Well, it can also be interspersed with small leaps. Do not forget to always stretch the muscles and joints prior to exercise. So, that’s a simple program that you can do to train your best jumps.