How To Make the Lemon Detox Diet Juice

Fresh juice to start your day is the basic step in detoxification. Actually, body cleansing or detoxification doesn’t require you to drink expensive medicinal potion or drink. As long as you give your body the chance to be free from junk food or fatty uhealthy food, you can do the process on your own.

It only takes a small change on your eating habit. It only takes for a couple of days that you will have to eat raw vegetables and fruit and drink lots of fresh juice and water. You can’t add any flavoring into your meals and juice, including salt and sugar.

It’s like you are living the natural way. Among the choices of fruits that you can make into juice for your detoxification, lemon is one of the easiest choices.

It’s easy to find this fruit in the market around you. It’s also a common choice of juice for breakfast. So, you won’t have any problem to start lemon detox diet. You just get some fresh lemons and squizzed it down to make fresh lemon juice during your detox diet or 17 day diet.


Although lemon juice is a common drink, but it gained popularity for detoxification only after Beyonce used it on her detox diet. Lemon has tons of healthy vitamins and minerals for the body. But then, how to detox your body using this healthy fruit?

It doesn’t take a lot of trouble to squizze the fruit to make healthy fresh lemon juice. However, are there any recipe to take out the best nutrients from this fruit? Although it’s considered as an easy detox diet, lemon detox will keep you from eating solid food throughout the detoxification process.

Lemon Detox

Usually, the lemon detoxification lasts for 14 days straight. During this two weeks period, you will drink the special blend of lemon juice, fresh water, cayenner pepper, and add a few drops of natural maple syrup.

It’s one of lemon detox diet recipes that can help you to lose weight. You can drink this concoction in hot or cold serving. It’s the only meal that you will have during your lemon detoxification. The acid contained in the lemon helps the cleansing process in digestive system. Meanwhile cayenne pepper will boost metabolism system and blood circulation. It makes faster release of toxic loads from inside body system.


As it gained so much of popularity among people with big concern on health, lemon juice detox has made its way to be one of the most sought detox diet menu. Lemon juice is good for liver as it cleanses your liver from toxic.

Starting your day with a glass of warm lemon juice is good to give energy kick to your body. It also gives you big load of vitamin C. It strengthens your liver as it energizes liver enzymes when it’s too dilute.

Lemon also keeps the balance of calcium and oxygen in the liver. That’s enough reason to put lemon juice into liver detox diet. Basically, lemon gives great amount of pectin fiber that’s good for colon cleanse and antibacterial in your digestive system.