How To Treat Inner Ear Infections

Anyone who has experienced inner ear infection knows the uncomfortable feelings and pain that are associated with it. Inner ear infections are characterized by various symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, vertigo, headaches, temporary hearing loss, and loss of balance. Usually, inner ear infections happen after a cold. If you are experiencing ear pain, trouble in hearing, or drainage from the ear, these can be signs of infection. Knowing how to treat middle or inner ear infection can be helpful to individuals. There are already simple steps that they can try to treat the infection even without the use of medications.

Although inner ear infections are common to humans, pets such as cats and dogs also experience this kind of infection. Inner ear infections in dogs are caused by other forms of infections from the outer part of the ear. Whenever middle ear infections are present in your dog, you might need to bring him to veterinary to avoid the infection to worsen.

Inner Ear Infections


  • Relieving the pain is the first thing that you should do. You can try over the counter pain relievers that you can apply using a heating pad or facecloth.
  • Clean the drainage from your ear. Usually, drainage should be yellow in color, foul smelling, and thick. After removing the drainage from the middle ear, you can clean the outer part with cotton swab with a soft tip. Remember not to stick the cotton swab deeper to your ear as the infection might get worse.


  • Adding heat to the ear can help you loosen the fluids inside it. Hair dryers might help but make sure that the heat is enough for your ear to withstand.
  • Try garlic oil. You can put two drops of garlic oil inside your ear. Usually, the first application may cause slight discomfort, but this is normal as the drainage is melted. Garlic oil is among the best home remedies for inner ear infection.
  • Prop your head when you sleep. Doping this can cause the fluids from your ear that causes the infection to flow freely.
  • If the infection goes severe after trying these different remedies, it can be the time to consult a doctor to acquire medication.

Although inner ear infections are common to children, adults may also experience this kind of illness. If you feel ear pain and accompanied by these symptoms, you can drink lots of water as it may help you fight the infection. You should also have enough time to rest as working hard may cause the infection to spread. It is also advisable that you find time to relax. Believing that your ear will heal quickly will help in speeding up the recovery of your ear from the infection.


The causes of ear infection to humans are poor hygiene, cold infections, allergies, and smoking. There are lots of treatments for middle ear infection, but the best way to avoid having such infections is prevention. Avoid doing things that might cause you infection as this is the best way to prevent having the said ear condition. Always keep your body stay healthy.