3 Methods of Sea Freight to Africa That You May Take

Cargo Master Services is one of the best shipping companies serving sea freight to Africa. They serve both sea and air shipping. They guarantee safe and right time services for customs clearance, door to door deliveries, transportation and freight forwarding. They have strong global network that covers some key areas of the world trade, including Africa. They can pick up both import and export shipments anytime anywhere. High quality protection is also served. They have special manufactured materials to wrap any kinds of goods, including the extra fragile items.

Especially for the sea freight service, there are three categories of services that the company offers to their customers. They are Full Container Load or FCL, Groupage or Less than Container Load or LCL, and RORO or Roll on Roll off. With those available options, everyone can deliver their goods safely to anywhere in the globe, including Africa. The following is the explanation about those 3 options. Make sure that you find the right option to deliver your either small or huge package or packages.

FCL provides you with special freight for only your goods. This will give you better convenience. Completing this service, some other advantages are given to you, including the ability to track your goods delivery progress, to unpack the package, and to quickly transfer onto rail or truck to deliver to the final destination. There are several ranges of containers, such as the 20ft, the 40ft, and the special 40ft high cube for special needs. Fortunately, they can be enclosed completely with good temperature control.

Sea Freight To Africa

The LCL option can be the right alternative if you don’t want to have a “private” freight. If you have small packages to deliver to Africa, you can have them delivered together with other packages. You may self pack your goods or take the special service from the company. It will be better because the packaging will be done by expert. It is more important because the company knows your goods and will give precise care to them.

The last option is RORO. This method refers to the machinery and vehicles that are loaded onto large sea shipments vessels to be transported overseas. Fortunately, Cargo Master is a leading company in this RORO services. They work for individual or companies to transport only one or multiple vehicles overseas. To easily and quickly serve the vehicles distribution, any drivable vehicles with wheels will be rolled on and rolled off the vessel. Any types of vehicles such as trucks, tractors, construction vehicles, trailers, bulldozers, caterpillar, MPV and etc. can be delivered using this method.
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